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[sticky post] Introduction post~

Jan. 2nd, 2016 | 11:57 pm

Hello, and welcome to my journal~

I figured I should make an introduction post since my fiction doesn't say much about me haha.

I'm Anna, and I've been into idols for just a few years (since late 2013), and before that I come from the visual kei fandom of heavy make-up and rock music. Getting into idols took me a while because it felt a bit like being fed rainbows, but these days, I completely adore everything that is glitter and fluff and over the top.

My favourite idol groups are Hey Say Jump, Kisumai, Sexy Zone and News, but I keep falling for new groups so in the end I'll just love everything I suppose haha. I'm not very good at this concept of favourite boys, but if someone would force me to choose one from each group, it'd be Yamada, Kitayama and Kento. In News my favourite is whoever is on screen at the moment.

Out of fandom, I go to veterinary school, which I love because medicine is the coolest thing ever and animals are so much nicer than people haha. I also do cosplay, and I really want to sew idol costumes, but it's surprisingly expensive considering how cheap they look orz.

I hope you'll enjoy my fiction, feel free to add me (I'd love if you sent a message and introduced yourself though~) or just randomly talk idols with me, I'd love that and I don't bite
I also occasionally post fandom-related not-fiction things, please bear with it haha.

Please leave a comment if you like something, no matter how old it is, it'll make my day~

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Best of Luck [Oneshot]

Mar. 31st, 2018 | 09:28 pm

Title: Best of Luck
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Sou/Marius
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Drunken poker bets getting out of hand, slight voyeurism
Summary: There's something about Marius that makes Sou's feelings very confused. Because he's spent the majority of their time growing up together thinking that Marius is a baby no matter how pretty he is, but the older they've gotten, the harder it is to keep thinking that.

Notes: I have a ton of notes for this fic. First, I promised three years ago not to write porn fic about Marius until he turned 18. Now he's 18, here's the porn. I kept my promise. Also, this is a re-write of an old fic I unfortunately have posted here for this only purpose, to see if I progressed any in my writing since I first posted fic 10 years ago. Personally, I think I did, and it was fun taking a VK plot and adapting it into idols :3

”Are you sure?” Sou raises his eyebrows at Marius, because he’s not convinced Marius isn’t too drunk to tell.Collapse )

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Fumaken Week 2018: Day 7 - Don't Stress It [Minific]

Mar. 31st, 2018 | 09:19 pm

Title: Don't Stress It
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento
Rating: G
Wordcount: 628
Prompt: [I failed the prompt]
Notes: I was really, really sick for Kento's birthday so this is unfortunately what I produced for the final day. I still have the actual prompt to write, so eventually there will be an eight day to this challenge~

Fuma sighs as he steps out of the bathroom after a hot shower, feeling refreshed after a long day and ready to face the mildly disastrous state of the apartmentCollapse )

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Fumaken Week 2018: Day 6 - Maybe Not Too Much [Oneshot]

Mar. 31st, 2018 | 09:13 pm

Title: Maybe Not Too Much
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 3049
Prompt: [I failed the prompt]
Notes: Linked to the I Like You Too Much series. I started this continuation in 2016 but never got around to finish it. Then I had massive exam panic and the prompt didn't work out for me AT ALL so I ended up finishing this. It's not my fave but I guess it's cute enough?

You busy later or do you wanna eat something?Collapse )

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Take Me Away [Oneshot]

Mar. 12th, 2018 | 12:19 am

Title: Take Me Away
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 2553
Warnings: Mentions of mental instability I guess, nothing new, you know Yamada
Summary: It doesn’t matter how much he relaxes, or tries to, even if he spent the whole day sleeping in, watching dramas and scrolling on his phone while eating what he felt like, he still feels restless, helplessly so. And that’s when the thoughts come, the worries.
Notes: Honestly, I forgot I didn't post this fic, I wrote it weeks ago. I was gonna say it's softporn but it's really soft porn I guess? Did you see those bathrobe shots a few weeks ago where Chinen looks like he wants... things? Yeah, this is why this was written.

”What’s on your mind?” Chinen’s soft voice calls Yamada’s attention back from the stain in the ceiling that he should probably clean away but can’t find the energy to.Collapse )

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Fumaken Week 2018: Day 5 - Watch Me [Oneshot]

Mar. 12th, 2018 | 12:08 am

Title: Watch Me
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento
Rating: R
Wordcount: 1923
Warnings: Jealousy, semi-public handjobs, mild accidental exhibitionism. Classy AU
Prompt: "He can't make you feel the way I make you feel"
Notes: I was debating whether to go classy or gangster with this AU, but was prompted classy so classy it is. I love classy so. And I brought Yamada (and Chinen) into this which was probably a mistake writing wise but uhm. Hopefully it came out good anyway. I really have no idea because I just finished it and didn't get any feedback yet. Oops.

Kento gasps as a warm hand grasps his wrist and the decorative wallpaper comes flying towards him. He barely manages to catch himself with his free hand, slamming it against the wall with a dull sound before his face crashes into it. He values his face.Collapse )

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Fumaken Week 2018: Day 4 - 24/7 [Oneshot]

Mar. 12th, 2018 | 12:01 am

Title: 24/7
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1587
Warnings: Fighting and making up?
Prompt: A shrunken sweater
Notes: For this, I figured it was time for some fluff. But also fighting because no fluff is better than making up fluff. So I wrote this and it took 35 minutes because is there anyone who didn't experience similar things to this. (And I was also giggling a little because I stole the angora line from a Danish TV show and do you know how fun it sounds in Danish)

Moving in together still feels surreal. Waking up next to Fuma every morning, smelling his hair, feeling his smooth bare skin against his own before he has to get up and start his day somehow a little magical no matter how many times it happens.Collapse )

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Fumaken Week 2018: Day 3 - No Competition [Oneshot]

Mar. 11th, 2018 | 11:55 pm

Title: No Competition
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento
Rating: R
Wordcount: 2836
Warnings: Fuma's hips
Prompt: Giving the other a striptease
Notes: I. Hate writing striptease so idek why I put this prompt in my list. But then Sabina's ex-bf (I think) suggested to write "tease tease" instead and so I took Fuma's STA5E Rogue performance, put it in a band AU and made him take off some clothes. I think it kinda worked for the prompt. Kinda.

“You have to come along and see him.” Shori tells him during lunch, and Kento just agreed half heartedly, making Shori reach over and poke a chopstick in the arm holding his cell phone.Collapse )

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Fumaken Week 2018: Day 2 - Forever Together [Oneshot]

Mar. 11th, 2018 | 11:50 pm

Title: Forever Together
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento
Rating: Mild R
Wordcount: 3073
Warnings: Minor character death, some blood and violence, post-apocalypse setting
Prompt: Cuddling in the backseat of a car
Notes: I never thought I'd write post-apo fic tbh, but then Sabina suggested it as an AU and I figured. Why not. It was meant to be brutal but ended up just not, more... blue? I'm not entirely sure, but I'm still kinda satisfied. I think.

Fuma draws a breath, tasting crisp morning cold and exhales a cloud of fog. The temperature is starting to crawl below zero at night by now and Fuma's grateful for every morning he wakes up in one piece.Collapse )

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Fumaken Week 2018: Day 1 - Get Out (Maybe) [Oneshot]

Mar. 11th, 2018 | 11:32 pm

Title: Get Out (Maybe)
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento
Rating: PG-15
Wordcount: 1924
Warnings: Alcohol. Weirdness.
Prompt: "The house party me and my friends threw kinda escalated and after throwing everyone out I found this half naked person passed out in my bed but I can't be bothered to wake them up so I'm just gonna go to sleep and deal with it in the morning, they're kinda cute anyway"
Notes: So Sabina and I decided to write 7 fics for Fumaken birthday week! You can read hers here.
This is the first, and so Fuma's birthday fic. And it just came out pretty dumb lol. I had breakfast plans for them but Fuma wanted to sleep so. Yeah.

“Oh come on!” Fuma groans as he's already closed the bathroom door behind him only to flick on the light and find two girls intertwined on the edge of the bathtub, a questionable amount of clothing on both of them. “Get out!”Collapse )

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