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[sticky post] Introduction post~

Jan. 2nd, 2016 | 11:57 pm

Hello, and welcome to my journal~

I figured I should make an introduction post since my fiction doesn't say much about me haha.

I'm Anna, and I've been into idols for just a few years (since late 2013), and before that I come from the visual kei fandom of heavy make-up and rock music. Getting into idols took me a while because it felt a bit like being fed rainbows, but these days, I completely adore everything that is glitter and fluff and over the top.

My favourite idol groups are Hey Say Jump, Kisumai, Sexy Zone and News, but I keep falling for new groups so in the end I'll just love everything I suppose haha. I'm not very good at this concept of favourite boys, but if someone would force me to choose one from each group, it'd be Yamada, Kitayama and Kento. In News my favourite is whoever is on screen at the moment.

Out of fandom, I go to veterinary school, which I love because medicine is the coolest thing ever and animals are so much nicer than people haha. I also do cosplay, and I really want to sew idol costumes, but it's surprisingly expensive considering how cheap they look orz.

I hope you'll enjoy my fiction, feel free to add me (I'd love if you sent a message and introduced yourself though~) or just randomly talk idols with me, I'd love that and I don't bite
I also occasionally post fandom-related not-fiction things, please bear with it haha.

Please leave a comment if you like something, no matter how old it is, it'll make my day~

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Sickening [Drabbles]

Sep. 17th, 2017 | 10:36 am

Title: Sickening
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen, Yuto/Keito, Daiki/Inoo, Yabu/Hikaru, Takaki
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 5 x 200
Warnings: Different kinds of being sick? Fluff
Notes: I've been sick for 7 days straight and I'm so freaking done with it. So I wrote sick-fic because my archive needs more fluff and I don't feel like writing porn. I went with my otps which leaves Takaki alone orz. But it's okay, he can handle himself.

Yamada hears the door open but he's too grossed out and dizzy to open his eyes.Collapse )


The second they're off camera Yuto more or less crashes into Keito's arms, idol smile vanishing in less than a second.Collapse )


"Dai-chaaaan! Dai-chan I'm dying!"Collapse )


Hikaru coughs for the fifteenth time in what feels like a minute, and Yabu wonders again how he's still got his lungs in there.Collapse )


Takaki doesn't want anyone looking after him when he's sick.Collapse )


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Sleepless [Minific]

Sep. 17th, 2017 | 10:31 am

Title: Sleepless
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Yabu/Hikaru
Rating: PG-15
Wordcount: 943
Warnings: Mpreg. Horror movies. Fluff
Notes: Kat challenged me to write an mpreg fic she would like. So I wrote this. And she liked it. Totally not because of the pair but still.

Yabu's still rubbing a towel over his wet hair in the bathroom when he hears a very loud, female scream from the living room.Collapse )

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Stars, Diamonds, Letters [Oneshot]

Sep. 10th, 2017 | 02:31 pm

Title: Stars, Diamonds, Letters
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Yamada/Chinen
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 4271
Warnings: Shameless pwp. Yamada's fake neck tattoos. Hickeys in questionable places.
Notes: I started this the day I went to the Dear concert, and then kind of didn't go on, but I'm a roll with wedding cake fics lately? I fully blame concert high and Yamada's stupid stupid neck tattoos for this fic. Also hi I wanted to compensate with a little otp since it's been a lot of other fics lately. (Wedding Cake Fic 6/8)

The first time Yamada shows up with those tattoos is unfortunately at venue rehearsal where there are 45 other people around.Collapse )

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Out of Hand [Oneshot]

Sep. 9th, 2017 | 12:52 pm

Title: Out of Hand
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Yuto/Yamada
Rating: R
Wordcount: 6075
Warnings: Fake dating, ex-bf Keito, complicated Yuto. Messy bathroom handjobs
Summary: Yuto's still impressed Yamada agreed to this. Pretending to be his boyfriend for a night just because Yuto's pathetic and can't face his ex boyfriend without something to show off.
Notes: Written for the YutoYama Exchange 2017 over at AO3 for Lady_Michiru. I was writing this for her, but technically not for the exchange, since I used her as a cover for my real fic. But then I ended up pinch hitting for her anyway, and voila it was posted in the exchange. I realized I'd never written fake dating before so I figured why not and went with that. It was fun :3

“Hey.” Yamada smiles when Yuto opens the door for him, pulling out earphones and sounding a little short for breath from the stairs. “How do I look?”Collapse )

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Disenchanted [Oneshot]

Sep. 9th, 2017 | 12:39 pm

Title: Disenchanted
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Yuto/Yamada
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 6554
Warnings: Classy business AU, douchebag Yuto, kind of angry sex.
Summary: "Nakajima Yuto. Pleasure to meet you too." Yuto says, but there's an ironic lilt to his voice, like he's mocking Yamada's choice of words, and even though his smile is beautiful, Yamada still somehow wants to punch him.
Notes:  Written for the YutoYama exchange 2017 over at Ao3 for sanadas_sanity. I have never had more fun writing an exchange fic since I talk to her every day and had to pretend like I didn't write for her at all. It went well, she had no idea. So I wrote two fics for the exchange in order to stay seemingly innocent. Suits, champagne, angry sex and riding felt obvious for her, so I went with that. Hope it's enjoyable~

The strict suit looks surprisingly good, Yamada must admit as he corrects his cuffs while watching himself in the mirror.Collapse )

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King & Queen & Joker [oneshot]

Sep. 9th, 2017 | 10:35 am

Title: King & Queen & Joker
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Fuma/Kento/Shori
Rating: R? Hard R?
Wordcount: 5051
Warnings: Probably the most innocent threesome you've ever read. Established Fumaken.
Summary: He watches Kento's fingers trail down Fuma's arm in such a suggestive way only Kento could manage it, while they laugh about something stupid one of them said earlier. Normally, Shori would pretend not to notice the touch and then excuse himself, but now, he has no problems watching unashamedly.
Notes: I started writing this in July 2015, hence Shori not being old enough to drink, and I couldn't be bothered to change that. And I was only allowed to write this if they were sweet to Shori, so this turned out mostly sweet. Hope someone enjoys it anyway haha. (Wedding cake fic 5/8)

It has to be the alcohol that makes him braver, Shori thinks, even though he didn't drink much.Collapse )

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Day 7-9

Aug. 6th, 2017 | 02:31 pm

We skipped a week. Oops. I had a convention to go to and drymartaeni worked overtime so. We figured better not stress it since this isn't official in any way haha. So anyway, we're back on track now, hope you enjoy this week's fics~

Day 7. Lunch gone wrong – AU, drunken decisions, long distance relationship, PG – Yamada/Daiki – 1402 words

Daiki only stumbles a little bit as he gets up the final stairs to his front door.Collapse )

Day 8. A kiss on the hand – AU, Pride parade, PG – Daiki/Chinen – 1049 words

Daiki's not entirely sure how he ended up here, slightly drunk with a beer bottle in his hand and a tiny rainbow flag stuck in his hair.Collapse )

Day 9: Sunburn – PG – Inoo/Daiki – 606 words

"It hurtssss!" Inoo whines again and Daiki is seriously tempted to slap him.Collapse )

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Day 4-6

Jul. 25th, 2017 | 11:17 pm

Sorry for being so late posting. Work and family and other hobbies happened. Besides, drymartaeni's still not done hehe.

Day 4. This is not a drill – Messy angst, PG – Yamada/Daiki – 1230 words

Sometimes reactions surpass understanding, and Yamada feels his heart sink into his stomach as the nausea rises, his skin going from cold to hot and back to cold, his heart rate picking up and flashes of white before his eyes as he forgets to breathe.Collapse )

Day 5. Onstage flirting getting out of hand – Some dirty talk, semi-public, R - Daiki/Chinen - 1299 words

“I'm not 19 anymore even if I still look like it.” Daiki points out, but his eyes are dark under sweaty bangs and Chinen knows exactly what he means despite the words being out of context.Collapse )

Day 6. The hitchhiker – AU, questionable Inoo as always, PG – Daiki/Inoo – 2035 words

Daiki yawns as he takes a turn on the small town street to get back onto the main road.Collapse )

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Prayer for the Weekend [Oneshot]

Jul. 16th, 2017 | 10:35 pm

Title: Prayer for the Weekend
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP
Pairing: Inoo/Hikaru
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 4494
Warnings: Semi-public, unprotected sex, kind of maybe exhibitionism?
Summary: They could probably talk before the radio broadcast today, Inoo muses as his eyes linger a little longer on Hikaru's soft grey hoodie, sleeves pushed halfway up his forearms, on his unstyled hair, because they haven't seen each other in a while.
Notes: Written for faded_lace in the Ho! Summer exchange over at DW. I struggled for a while trying to get my ideas together into something that would fit the prompts, and I think I'm pretty pleased with the end result? I really like writing Inoo and Hikaru together so I'm happy for the opportunity :3 (Also do you have any idea how much I researched Inoo to get those little canon details into their backstory? A LOT).

“Hey.” Hikaru says with a small smile as he sits down and gets comfortable in his chair, getting ready for radio. “How are you?”Collapse )

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